Photos of the Day


Baptist Church – Corea, Maine

There are so many white churches that look almost identical to this in New England it almost makes me believe no other styles are legal. More likely they realize how picturesque they are, and how much the style is associated with this part of the country.


I just think they're beautiful.


4 thoughts on “Photos of the Day

  1. Lovely. I particularly love the last picture, with two layers of windows demanding my attention – the peeling paint of the outer window, and the vivid glow of the inner window.
    I recently became fascinated by the fact that many of the loveliest churches in Maritime Canada seem to be Baptist. This hadn’t been my experience in other parts of the continent, but this one is certainly very graceful.


  2. I totally agree with you Ariel. The last picture is lovely. I have also learned to appreciate the beautiful effect of white structures.
    You have captured the best Baptist churches! Keep us posted for more.


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