High anxiety!

Sorry, went missing again. Someone left the gate open, you see, and curiosity got the better of me. Leaving a trail of bread crumbs eventually led me home again.

This week's crisis has been the anticipation of a job interview Monday morning. I've applied for another position within my library, one that's so very ME I'll be devastated if I don't get it. It's the Readers Advisory/Reference Librarian/Fiction Buyer position left vacant when my co-worker passed away in June.

Of course I hate the way the opening transpired, but I know in my heart of hearts no one could be as thrilled as I by assuming her duties. It has my named imprinted all over it. Now I just have to convince my supervisor of that.

I may not know the outcome 'til the week after next. Until then I'll be a bundle of raw nerves. It's difficult for me to put anxiety out of my mind. It will take all the mental exercises I have at my disposal to keep this one from disrupting my sleep and stress level.

How you interview with your supervisor is a whole other animal. If you've worked together for five years, doesn't she pretty much know you? You'd think, but I know there's also the red tape, going through proper channels and all that. It's probably not cricket (I've been reading a lot of fiction set in Britain lately) to just hand over a position to someone without allowing the public at large to apply. At least that's my hope. Otherwise it could mean she doesn't want me, so had to look elsewhere.

It's been a tense, tense couple of weeks.

Deep breath.

In other news, I've finished roughly 200 books in the last couple of weeks, so I'll need to report on those. Quite a few real disappointments among them, and a couple really stellar reads. Years ago I figured out many authors seem to go insane around the 3/4 point of a novel. Unsure how to end a book they'll either crash the plane quickly (more merciful) or circle the airport 'til it makes the reader nauseous. I've encountered both disasters in recent reading, and it makes me one angry reader.

Let's see if I can get a couple quickie reviews/thoughts in before this afternoon's activities are in full swing. If not, look for them next week. Ish.

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