Friday’s fritterings.

Gorgeous day in Chicagoland! Sunny and in the 70s F. All I have formally planned for today is a trip to the physical therapist and a vague promise I'd take the kids out for breakfast. Considering it's now 12:30 p.m., and they're still sleeping, that idea's on rocky ground.

Ah, but let them sleep! I've been reading such a crop of wondrous review books. Hopefully, between working tomorrow (all day!) and doing some gardening I'll be able to post a Sunday Salon to quickly condense my recent reading. Otherwise I'll report as I finish them.

Yesterday – at home – I rec'd a book I'm already enchanted by. Though I don't usually immediately start review books, something about this one said I AM WONDERFUL! START ME!

And it wasn't lying:


It's The Tower, The Zoo and The Tortoise by Julia Stuart. And it's FANTABULOUS! It doesn't hit the stores 'til September, though, so I'm afraid I can't say much about it now (doesn't that annoy you?). Suffice to say, it's set in the Tower of London – present day – and is a mixture of reality and a bit of the fantastical. For Anglophiles like myself it is a wee bit of heaven. And, oh, it's an adult book, not children', despite how the US cover art appears.

So, so many review books. So, so hard finding time to read then talk about them. I know, "Oh, poor YOU, YOU OLD COW!"

Tee hee.

Anyway, 'tis a long holiday weekend here. Sunday's of course the 4th of July, and the library's also closed Monday. Plus, I have off Tuesday since I'm working tomorrow and that's a real bite. There'll be fireworks Sunday, weed pulling and general garden maintenance, general household and laundry and of course some READING TIME to be had. Ah, but I'll go ahead and start my The Sunday Salon post and we'll see how thorough it is. Something's better than nothing, yes?

And I'm off, with a load of laundry to hang so I'll still have some time to read before physical therapy. Have a glorious day.


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