Worrying news for the fox kit born under our porch.

I posted photos of one of the fox kits born under our porch earlier. Now the poor thing is skin and bones, missing most of its hair.

Good news is the Wildlife Rehab people are coming for it today, and we have it in one of our dog carriers. After chasing it around the yard for God knows how long Paul threw a towel over it and into the cage it went. Poor sweetheart is too sick to fight back. The W.R. people believe it has mange and said it's often treatable, but the little guy is so, so skinny. Breaks my heart.

I hope it makes it. I'll feel so, so awful if it doesn't. I plan to keep in touch with the W.R. to monitor its progress. Feeling quite maternal about it now.

Every year it seems some animal or other gives birth under our porch. For three years or so it's been foxes, but before that it was skunks. Guess which we prefer, even with half-eaten animal remnants all around the yard.

Please send all good thoughts the kit's way.

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