Sunday Salon – May 30, 2010


How the week did fly by! Can barely believe it's Sunday already, though feel joyous it's a long Memorial Day weekend.

Phew. Busy week, as are they all. Brief medical event after my youngest son stepped on my daughter's toe and may have broken it. So, one trip to the immediate care later, for an x-ray, we're still awaiting the verdict. Since it's a holiday weekend that should hopefully come in by Tuesday.

Also, the mercury has been soaring this week (to me, at least, as 90F is unbearable to this delicate flower). And, speaking of flowers, I planted begonias on the steps leading up to the house – all SIXTEEN! of them – and got a nice sunburn on my arms to show for it.

These two things together have made me very grumpy. VERY grumpy.

So, what was my reading week like? Well, on Wednesday I hosted my library's Nonfiction Reading Group, the one I've been fearing would die a painful death. Happily, we had one new person, one hanger on, and the new person knows at least two people who may come if he reports it's worthwhile. If he never comes again I guess I'll know his verdict. A little dangerous telling a group leader something like that, now isn't it.

Anyway, that was The Tipping Point, and I've already covered the briefest of brief points (pun at no additional charge) about that, partly because I felt I'd been yammering on about it too much already so didn't want to clog the post with too much more.

One brief point about this book, I appreciated it more after having discussed it. Lovely when that happens.


Also working on Andrew Sean Greer's The Story of a Marriage for a Fiction Book Group at the library this Thursday. I personally love the style of it. It's a mild form of stream of consciousness, not William Faulkner or Virginia Woolf SOC, but the thoughts in the main character's head, which flow nicely. I hope they like it! It's a bit more literary than the general trend in their past, but I'm trying to kick things up a notch to something in the middle we can both enjoy. I hate to read books I have to hold my nose to read. Such a waste of time. But if they don't like these heavier books I'll – guess what – have to take a step down off my soapbox.


Story of a marriage

My American Colonial History and Witch Trial interests have been back burnered in order to read the book club books and also work on some book for review. Had two GEMS sent to me by Europaeditions, two books by Jane Gardam (Old Filth and The Man in the Wooden Hat) I was offered and quickly accepted.

Also, saw there was a new Emily Dickinson bio coming out in early June, begged that one and received it quickly via FedEx, starting on it immediately.


Brrrrrrrrrrrilliant so far! It dishes a lot of dirt on the Dickinson family, making the recluse spinster's white dress a little dingy.

Finally, yesterday's trip to Borders netted me this classic:


It's a classic I've looked at before but just never bought. Until now!

"Sailing Alone continues to be an inspiration to many would-be
adventurers." Lloyd's List (December 2006) "[Slocum's] amazing
character lives on in this compelling account of his remarkable global
journey." Advertiser & Times (Hants) (Autumn 2006) 'There is so
much to this book that it is not surprising that it is has been
continually in print since 1889' '..this book has literary merit,
thoughtful and beautifully written and packed with incident.' Nautical
Magazine (March 2007)"

And I'll end there, though I haven't hit everything. Think this is enough to testify I have been doing my reading this week!

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