In which Lisa melts into a puddle on the floor.

My God it's hot! Okay, not as much HOT as HUMID, though yesterday and the day before temperatures were in the 90s F. Dunno what the forecast is for today, but when I took the boys to school it was already getting uncomfortably warm. And my feet stick to the hardwood floor when I walk around the house. I am not happy when my feet stick to the hardwood floor. In fact, I get VERY GRUMPY. So as soon as I got home I cranked the air conditioning. I am a delicate flower.

You'd think with my southern genes I'd be fairly tolerant of warm weather. And you'd think WRONG. In weather like this I break into a  sweat from the effort of blinking my eye. Heck, perspiration breaks out on my forehead when the weather dude forecasts temperatures over 72 F with humidity below 30%.

I. Hate. Heat.

Ah, but there's a bit if good news in all this humidity-driven sadness. I went to see my orthopaedic surgeon yesterday, the one who scraped my knee innards, and found despite the fact I didn't go to physical therapy when I should have (at the height of my post-op pain, now I ask you is that right?) it would still be of help for me to go now.

He was pleased with the range of motion I have in my knee, and I'm proud to say I subjected myself to torturous stretching to achieve that. But the strength in my knee is all but nil. When he squeezed my left quadriceps muscle and asked me to flex it I nearly kicked him in the face it hurt so badly.

Doctors. Do they take courses in how to inflict maximum pain, or is it a latent sadistic tendency we all have? Discuss amongst yourselves.

In book news, readying for tonight's Nonfiction Group Discussion of Gladwell's The Tipping Point. Then you can finally be free of hearing me talk about it.

You're welcome.

Also, finished The Queen of Palmyra by Minrose Gwin in record time (390 pages in, oh, three or four hours?) because I thought I was supposed to be posting a review of it today for a blog tour. Turns out that was supposed to happen on MONDAY. Whoops. I'm trying to squeeze my arse in for a later date, otherwise I'll just go ahead and blab about it anyway.

Europaeditionssent me TWO BOOKS BY JANE GARDAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for review. I LOVE JANE GARDAM!!!!!!!!!!! You may know Europaeditions as the wonderful publisher who brought us The Elegance of the Hedgehog. And if you don't, in what bunker have you been hunkered?

And, Amazon sent me The Quickening Maze, a Booker shortlist title, also for review.

A recovering knee, too many books ( ha, right!) and a photo of a fox peeing (see yesterday's post). Where else can you find so much entertainment for free? Besides other blogs, I mean. And that wasn't a very nice thing to say. POUT.

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