Wild Kingdom in our own front yard.


One of three fox puppies born and raised under our front porch, sleeping away in our front garden. She was so zonked she didn't move, even with four of us walking around her oohing and awwing.

At first we were worried she'd "gone to a better place," she was so still. Then came proof positive she was doing just fine:


And she had to go potty.

Adorable, eh? Well, aside from the pee thing. But you know, when you gotta go you gotta go.  It's nature and all that.

Finally, FINALLY I got  photos of one of the fox families who return to live under our porch year after year! That's one of my wishes granted. Next I need to capture a hummingbird in flight then I'll be one happy camper.

4 thoughts on “Wild Kingdom in our own front yard.

  1. LOVE those pictures Lisa – I’m surprised the little one let you get so close. I think foxes are amazing animals. I watched one recently at play chasing small birds in the middle of a soccer pitch whilst crows dive-bombed the fox from the goal cross-bar.


  2. SO COOL! Foxes used to be very common in my part of Texas. Our school mascot is one of three schools called the Foxes in the country! Now I rarely see them, so this is quite a treat. Adorable, pee and all!


  3. Wow. Even with the pee that has to be one of the most charming things I have seen in quite some time. A question for you: what do the noises the foxes make sound like? My partner and I kept hearing this unearthly barking in London, and I was speculating that it was foxes….


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