Lisa goes a whorin’.

Okay, I WENT BACK TO BORDERS! I had to, you see. I needed a copy of Wolf Hall because it's gotten so much attention (and won the Booker!) and I don't want to be the last person to read it.


And, well… While I was there…


Stephen Markley's Publish This Book

Why? BECAUSE IT'S ABSOLUTE GENIUS! He couldn't get his book published, so he wrote a book about not being able to get his book published. And it got published.

Plus, he's charmingly funny. Laugh out loud so. I was sitting in Borders reading the first few pages, trying not to laugh, and nearly blew the top off my head. Yes! It was close!

Anyway, Stephen, I'll gladly give you the sale just for being so utterly, wickedly cunning. You deserve every penny, and as I understand it, a penny's about all each copy winds up netting an author, which is robbery. Just robbery.

Now I'm one happy little glutton. Until there's something else I want.

Did I mention I usually get my books from the library? Usually. Not always.

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