Sensory deprivation, and how I plan to survive.

From Friday through Monday I'm going on a Luddite's Holiday. In other words, I will be knowingly and willingly restricting myself from all things internet and technology related, partly in order to re-set my humanity and partly to test my ability to even DO that without running completely mad, screaming into the streets like an escaped lunatic.

Let's just say, life's been a wee bit tense lately.

I'm having this weird, exposed feeling from all my online social networking, realizing what I say is being read, evaluated and used in all manner of ways. And that's okay. It's not like I don't know, and sometimes even flaunt how open I am, but for whatever reason I'm a little weirded out, or as I said "exposed" and I think it's time to take a wee step back from technology for a few days. Just to assure myself I can without the world crashing down around me.

Well, not sure about that last part.

So I'll be devoting myself to lots of reading (surprise!), writing with paper and ink-filled implements (remember those? they used to be all the rage!), NOT watching TV, NOT checking email, Twitter or Facebook. And yes, that means I won't know if Jim Carrey's finished his painting the size of his living room wall, where Conan O'Brien is performing this week, or if Dooce has avoided sunburn in Florida… Or anything else I know because I eavesdrop on celebrities (head still not around that one), who are becoming less and less like untouchables and more and more like actual humans all the time, courtesy of the internet.

Seem a little crazy the world's so small now? Just a little.

Time to slow everything down a touch, let the weirdness settle and all that touchy-feely New Age stuff. Must get in touch with my core, my Higher Self, my yadda yadda, and step off the merry-go-'round for a few days. Life on and off the internet's made me a little dizzy. Or a LOT dizzy, to tell you the truth.

I'll come back with tales to tell, books to review, maybe even photos to share. Who knows? One thing I do know, getting back to some basics wouldn't hurt anyone. If you've grown up with all this maybe you disagree, but I don't think so. You may not realize you need to step back, but you really do if you can't even recognize it. Take it from an old timer. I KNOW.

In the meantime, abnormal transmissions to be expected. I hope to drop by a time or two before I'm "off ether," but mostly I'll be concentrating on thinking about what I'll be doing to fill my non-tech time. I don't think it'll be a problem, but… Well, we'll see.

I just hope my example will show others – my kids especially – you don't have to leech off the internet 24 hours a day in order to live. And if I experience severe withdrawal it'll be just that much more apparent I don't do this often enough.

Now, what was the upside of all this again? Oh, yeah. Humanity. Real world. Etc.

I'll just keep telling myself that.

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