Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother's Day to all the mums, grandmums and mum figures out there in internet land. Hope you're all appropriately recognized and thoroughly spoiled.

Started my day out with freshly made blueberry pancakes. Two of my three children were even awake for breakfast. The other? I may see her sometime around dinner. I feel so special!

It's my choice what we do to celebrate me, in my infinite wonderfulness, today, though I suspect no matter what I choose there will be a whole lot of grumbling.

Welcome to the land of You Can't Please All the People All the Time. One of the many things they neglect to tell you when you bring babies home from the hospital – "No matter what you do it will never be right, and will force your children into therapy at some point."


Try to have a good day, despite it all. There are lots of us in this boat. Let's sail it to the Caribbean, shall we? Rum Runners for all!

Now THAT is Mother's Day done right.

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