Oh, the inhumanity!

So, I was driving through town yesterday, on my way to our branch library for work, and I saw this man jogging AND reading. I'm thinking to myself, either that's genius or extraordinarily stupid.

He dropped the book from his face when he crossed the street, but what if he hits a bump in the sidewalk? What will become of the book?


4 thoughts on “Oh, the inhumanity!

  1. Well, I have to say I used to walk (me jog?) to school while reading a book. I remember the principal commenting on it to my mother. Lots of head shaking. I think they were glad I was reading at least.


  2. I walk and read! Especially in airports. You just have to keep one eye half looking in front of you. Jogging and reading I couldn’t do though… mostly because I don’t jog 😉 Reading on treadmill is excellent though!


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