Photo of the Day



They've been hanging around a few weeks, but it isn't truly spring (to me) 'til I've taken a photo of a robin. I crept up sneakily to get as close as possible to this little guy. It must have looked kind of weird the way I was walking sideways through my yard, snapping pictures every few feet until he got annoyed with me and flew away.

But it's the elusive hummingbird I'm desperate to capture in digital glory. Have you seen the way those babies move? And their size! I confused one for a bee last summer, then realized what it was and my eyes popped. My camera was nowhere near, and here was this beautiful creature. Stupid of me to have run for the camera instead of just watching it, but I've learned my lesson. If you don't already have a camera with you, just WATCH. They're astounding creatures, as far as I'm concerned some of the most beautiful and magical on earth. And they love our purple flowers. So maybe this year.

One thought on “Photo of the Day

  1. Very true. When we grab that camera, we forget to watch, we start projecting how the photo will look, how it will make US look when we show it to others, and we forget to just enjoy the sheer pleasure of watching with no agenda involved. I am guilty of grabbing the camera too often. I am trying to curb that impulse.


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