Photo of the Day


Electronic Guilt

I almost didn't show you this photographic proof of my transgression, my traitorous action.

I love the printed book. I love the feel of it, the smell of it (usually), the colorful line of spines on a bookshelf. But, apparently, I also love being able to carry around a gaggle of books in one very small electronic appliance.

Meet my secret shame: my Sony Reader. My gift to myself upon finishing my Masters Degree.

A little ironic, eh?

But, but, but….!!

I'll never lose my love of actual books. NEVER, I swear to you upon bended knee. Well, maybe not bended knee. I haven't fully recovered from surgery yet. But I swear to you I swear!

Please forgive me. I knew what I did, yet I did it anyway.

3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. secretly whispering to you while we stand in a darkened closet, many, many miles aways from others: “Psstt… as much as I love books, too, if I had the money, girlfriend, I’d go buy me one of these things too.”
    But you didn’t hear me say that. Right?


  2. I am impressed that you went for it. When I saw the demo of the iPad and realised that I could download books there and then, I realised that is what I have been waiting for all my life! It may prove to be very expensive because I know I will be tempted every time I read a review – and I read a lot of reviews. They are going to have to factor in the fact that there are no print costs for electronic books. That is going to be very important and I’m not sure that it is fully realised. But I think you should be proud of your new eReader and I wish I had one!


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