Are you sure you have the right number?

So yesterday I received this email saying You've been nominated in the category of best library blog award…  And I'm thinking Whaaaaa? What was the sub-category, Best Bi-Polar Librarian Blogger Who Whines Then Whines Some More? Oh, And Reads a Lot.

I'm supposed to fill out this questionnaire about my blog, telling them my focus (do I even have one?), yapping about myself, and generally my way through a form telling them why I should win this award. I'm thinking Should I? Really?

Last time I received a nomination for Best General Book Review Blog I laughed, putting it aside. I never got back to it because, well, I don't deserve it. Go check out some of the competition. They review what seems like 50 books a day, never once mentioning how they'd like to auction off their teenagers to the highest bidder – not to mention detailing mutant grey hairs boinging off my head like springs, now that I'm in my 40s.

Can I refer to myself as a General Book Review Blogger? Think so? Color me skeptical.

To whoever nominated me both times I love you. You (both?) are wonderful, kind-hearted and an all-around generous person. For kicks I think I'll fill out the form this time, though if I were to win I'd question if the judges weren't high on something when reading the entries.

Really, really sweet of you, Somebody Out There. It's humbling receiving such nominations. I'm blowing you a kiss right now. Wish there were an icon for that.

I'm going now to finish The City of Falling Angels, a book we're discussing tonight in my Nonfiction Book Group at the library. You may remember it as the group with two members, not including myself. But I'm sure it'll pick up. Right?

Just nod.

2 thoughts on “Are you sure you have the right number?

  1. SS – I used to be a very active reviewer. Of late my time has been so tight my thoughts on books are much shorter, and generally less complex. But still, with my reputation in place, and hits on this blog comfortably high, I still get loads of review books. So someone out there must like me! 😉


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