Bruised and bedraggled

I still feel like a truck ran over me, but I finally have the energy to lift my head off the pavement in an attempt to get the license number. If I were a horse I'd have been shipped off to the glue factory, or at best put out to pasture to live out the remaining years of my life in peace.

Improvements are slow. Either that, or I'm the biggest pansy on the planet. I can walk short distances without needing a crutch now, five days post-surgery. I don't know if I should do it, but I can. And I have bruises all over the place. Not just from the surgery itself but also from the various tubes and blood tests associated with it.

In short: I've felt better.

Once I have my stitches out tomorrow I'll be able to take a proper shower (I'm not allowed to get my stitches wet). No more washing up in the sink! The one time I did try taking a short shower (covering my stitches with plastic wrap) I came very close to passing out from the effort. I spent the rest of the afternoon napping from that little exertion.

The scary thing is the surgeon told Paul I'm going to need a knee replacement someday, whether in three years or ten he can't say, but the damage to my cartilage was a bigger problem than my torn meniscus. A knee replacement? I don't think so. The surgery I had was "minor;" I can't imagine going through that. Not me, Mister. Not in this lifetime.

The weather's been beautiful since I've been laid up, sunny and somewhere in the 50s or 60s F. We slept with one of our bedroom windows open last night. I can't remember the last time we were able to do that, and the fresh air smelled divine.

And the snow? What snow? It disappeared since the last time I was outside. The grass is turning green, and from taking a short ramble on our back patio I saw the flowers are starting to send up shoots.


Maybe in another week or so I'll be able to get out there and do some spring clean up, raking up the dead leaves from last year so the sun can better reach the plants. For today I'm just happy with a short limp in the sun, probably followed by another nap from that short excursion.

Just wanted to check in to let you know I'm progressing, if slowly. It's getting to the point I'm sick and tired of being flat on my back, iced knee in the air. That must be a good sign. Over the next few days I'll work on hanging out with the family more, even if I have to sit on the stairs and bump my way down. Time to let my body know this recovery stuff needs to move along a little faster. I'm reaching my limit, even if it does mean the approaching end of being totally pampered.

Did I just say that?

Back soon…

2 thoughts on “Bruised and bedraggled

  1. Hey there! GLad to hear you are up and about.. slowly I know. I feel your pain as you know! About that replacement… I work with someone YOUNGER than us who had BOTH replaced at the same time. She went to a rehab center but was up and about in days and out of there in 7 days and back to work 2 weeks after the surgery. She’s like new! NO PAIN… and she’s been working out and lost over 50lbs. Best part — they give Great meds!! Just saying…


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