Wanna hear something funny?

Of course you do.

I followed back a Google hit on my blog and found, to my complete mystification, Bluestalking is listed on a website called Book Club for Hotties. I think I saw that once before, but they say the memory's the first to go. I probably already commented on it, and for that I apologize.

Even more ironic, today's photo of the day indicates how stereotypically middle aged I am, how reliant on joint supplements and heavy-duty pain relievers in order to function like a semi-normal human being. Well, like a human being. Like a being? All this assuming I'll live to 86 (SEE: Doubt, It), of course.

Speaking of, I should remind Paul that in general men don't live as long as women. So instead of being middle aged he's probably just over the hump, starting the slow slide down the other side. He likes facts, and I enjoy sharing. But with my luck, all he'd hear is "hump," then tune out the rest.

We've discussed how my childhood spent hiding in caves helped protect my skin from premature wrinkles. All well and good, but having three children has contributed to a little issue called grey hair. Good thing I'm a blonde this week. Grey hair blends in a lot better when your hair's a lighter shade. Another bit of wisdom I've learned along life's highway, wisdom I'm happy to share.

All this because I follow back Google searches, choosing to ignore taglines like "Because Books Are So Hot!", believing instead it's ME they find hot, not just the fact I talk about books a lot.

Delusion. Sometimes it's all you have. But I have to admit, the whole concept is very, very funny.

5 thoughts on “Wanna hear something funny?

  1. Hello! I found your post totally hilarious and I was laughing out loud at the screen by the last paragraph (my sanity is probably being questioned right about now!). Thank you for the comic relief 🙂


  2. LOL! The grey hair… don’t get me started. (well… just for a second… did you know your “other” places where your hair grows also turns grey? That means nose hairs as well and those “other” places. UGH!


  3. Dina! I think I just wet my pants laughing…! So much to look forward to. I was cultivating a chin hair for a while, to see how long it would get, but then plucked it on a whim. I miss that hair…


  4. I have to apologize, because I didn’t see this post until now, but we at Books 4 Hotties (Because Reading is Hot!) enjoy your blog and reviews, and we find both hot. We also enjoy to mystify!
    Sorry for your knee troubles and thanks for your wonderful posts!


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