2 thoughts on “And the diagnosis is…

  1. Oh, that sucks. I was in a vehicular incident the week before Christmas which did some more than minor damage to my ankle and ligaments. The ER was pretty insistent I see an orthopedic surgeon within a week, but even 11 days later the swelling was too bad to assess the extent of the damage. Back in Canada, I went to see my physician (it took two weeks to get an appt.) and now I’m going for an X-ray just in case there was a hairline fracture that hasn’t healed properly before I start physio. I see the local sports medicine guy (who’s not really local but keeps an office here and takes the ferry to see patients here probably twice a week and who is probably best equipped, in this town, to tell me how badly my leg/ankle is damaged) on Wed, and then he’s off to Vancouver to help with the Olympics.
    Well, I didn’t mean to go on like that. But I feel your pain, even if it’s not in my knee.


  2. I’m just so tired of the pain. That’s the worst of it. I want to be able to do things but I know I’ll pay for it. The Art Institute in the city is free this month, I just found out, and I haven’t been there for years. But if I went I’d want to see the new modern wing, plus the old standards. How could I do that, though? I’d be in pain for days. Phooey.


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