Speculation on the Apple Tablet – Release tomorrow…

From Newsweek.com

How Many Industries Will the Apple Tablet Upend? Pretty Much All of Them

Nick Summers
With the unveiling of Apple's tablet computer less than 24 hours away, enough details have squirmed out of Steve Jobs's death grip to form a coherent picture of what the new device is likely to offer. After early speculation that the gadget would be a "Kindle killer," a gaming device, or just a really big iPhone, it appears possible that the Apple slate will be … all of the above, a game-changer for an entire range of industries. Here's what the latest rumors, gossip, and details of varying confirmation point to:

2 thoughts on “Speculation on the Apple Tablet – Release tomorrow…

  1. I resist Mac with all I have (especially since my fiance is a mad Mac enthusiast), but I’m pretty darn impressed with the iPad. Though, as usual, I resist paying for “extras” like iPhone data packages and the iPad package as well. Who needs to spend an extra $20-30 a month for a gadget’s workings? Not I.


  2. Andi, I bought myself a Sony Reader for an M.S. graduation present. I feel a bit torn, considering how I’ve bad mouthed ereaders, but carrying loads of books on one small device ultimately tempted me beyond resistance! I like it so far, though mine has a little glitch so I may need to exchange it. No wi-fi, which is its downfall, but I can download library books for free. That’s what sold me.


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