Photo of the Day


Honestly, I have no idea what to title this photo. It's from last weekend, taken looking up a fir tree, back when we had that gorgeous freezing fog topped off by a bit of snow. I'm just not feeling inspired to name it anything, so let's just call it that fir tree in the freezing fog.

We could also call it that fir tree I saw the day I completely messed up my knee, walking in snow, and now I'm in even more excrutiating pain. That would work, too. Today it hurt so badly bending my knee I was a bad, bad girl and raided our pharmaceutical cabinet for anything, ANYTHING to dull the pain. I settled on a pain killer called Tramadol, prescribed to me back in 2007 for God knows what ailment. That, and an industrial strength dose of Aleve, barely put a dent in my pain. At least it stopped me feeling as though I'd cry when walking, and you'll have to take my word on this, I'm not a crier.

Dear husband e-yelled at me for self-medicating, can you believe that? He actually said I should call the doctor and see if they could squeeze me in! Humbuggery. If I can get it down to just below screaming bloody murder level it can wait.

Doesn't everything heal itself eventually?

Besides, there's still Vicodin in the cabinet from another pain-related ailment. And the meds the vet gave the dogs after their last surgery. I have options!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go exercise my option to put my knee on ice. Proof positive I do follow some doctor's orders.

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