Bibliotherapy and Serendipity

Doesn't matter what you call it: serendipity, luck, coincidence or divine intervention, but it happens to me all the time. Never mind if you don't believe in it. I'm living proof it's so.

Yesterday evening, after my therapy session and a few gentle pointers about self care/kindness from my much beloved doctor, I decided to buy myself a treat at Borders on the way home. And by "treat" I don't mean food. I mean… Well… You know.


The latest issue of Bookmarks magazine..


TWO of these way cool journals, at 50 % off…


This book…


And, this little cutie, which at 50 % off was $ 2.50.

The whole experience made me feel a little better, not to give the impression material things bring joy. But sometimes material things DO bring joy.

Sorry, Buddha.

Funny, but I almost came away with another book. A mystery, and a continuation in the Mobile Library Mystery series. It was close. A veritable squeaker. I had it in my hand when I thought, "I have so, so much to read right now. I'll wait."

And guess what hit my doorstep this morning?


A copy. Of the book. I held in my hand. Plus, a personal note from Ian Sansom, the author. I reviewed the first book in the series, so he very generously sent me a copy of book # 2.

The very book I almost bought last night.

The Universe loves messing with me. Sometimes it's a good mess, sometimes it's a bad mess. But I promise you, it is ALWAYS a mess. An unmistakable, indescribable mess.

Sometimes I just have to laugh, and go with it. Because I know it's intentional, happening far too often to be by chance.

Somehow, somewhere, someone or something is having a good belly laugh at my expense today – thrilled beyond measure to see first my perplexed look, then a wry smile. Somehow, someway, things so often just work out this way for me.

Go figure.

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