Photo of the Day



Wish I could say the same for my hands. I have special gloves I use for winter photography outings. They're the kind that look like mittens, then peel back to half-fingerless gloves, so I can operate the camera while keeping the rest of my hands warm. The last time I saw them it was cold, but not bitterly so. Now that the temperature's plunged they seem to have grown legs and walked off.

Fortunately, the temperatures are supposed to climb above freezing (ABOVE FREEZING!) over the next few days. Maybe they'll come out then. If so, I'll tie them down with chains, anticipating the next arctic blast which I know will come.

Damned gloves.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. I bought a pair of those gloves/mittens, and then promptly lost one of them before I even got a chance to wear them. It’s in the low 30’s today though. Hooray!


  2. Lisa – I’m ALWAYS losing gloves! I’m notorious for it. I wonder if they’ve gone on sale for the year yet. If so I need to buy about 20 pairs. Maybe I’d be able to find something matching if I had that number floating around. Then again, I may wind up with all rights or all lefts, too.


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