Photo of the Day


The Path Most Traveled

When it comes to walking in the snow in 4 degrees F weather, there's no call to be original and take the untraveled route. The more the snow's compacted the better.

I dragged poor Paul to a local park and natural fen yesterday, for the purposes of taking a few photos. The weather was nasty cold, but fortunately not windy or he'd either have put his foot down, saying "NO WAY!," or we'd be lying in hospital beds recovering from frostbite.

He bailed before I did. When he saw the path to the pond he declared there was nothing on earth that could make him walk that way. So I did, while he went to get the car. I was wearing boots, and he wasn't. Still, the virgin snow was so difficult to traverse it positively killed my bad knee. And the photos I got were nothing spectacular.

Still, there must be some benefit to having been stubborn. I just can't quite think of it. I'll post the couple other decent photos later in the week. Then you can tell me how crazy I really am.

One thought on “Photo of the Day

  1. Oh, so pretty! Makes me think of cross-country skiing. The gliding. The solitude. The elating feeling of exertion. The deep breaths of crisp fresh air. The vision of a very hot bath, foam up to the neck.
    Well, not where I live these days. Not in South Texas.


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