And sew it goes.

Along with my mad wool felting spree has come a mad desire to sew animals. As I had no pattern, I went searching at for other examples of what people were making. I copied what they'd made by freehand sketching, figuring since this was my first attempt what did it matter how it turned out? I could always fine-tune in subsequent attempts.

First came a dog:


"Cute!," said my daughter. "But could you make one with four legs?"

I pondered that, not quite sure how one goes about that.

In the meantime came the elephant:


Then, finally, my attempt at a four-legged dog:


The chubby, stomach-dragging dog. But he does have four legs. Can't argue that.

Time to find a pattern, methinks. I just need the general gist of how four-legged animals are created, then stand out of my way. I'm an animal-sewin' machine!*

* I know. I lead one exciting life.

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