What a week, what a week… Seven hours in the emergency room with a daughter who officially has a concussion. One mysteriously hurt knee (mine), snow from hades, and icy, treacherous roads.

What's not to love?

Thank goodness I've found wool! I'm like Madame Defarge, knitting away, only I crochet as I can't do anything but make straight lines in knitting, but I've been crocheting since I was twelve or thirteen. Which was *cough* years ago, making it second nature by now. Between the satisfaction of going at a ball of yarn, then throwing the finished products in the wash to felt them and seeing what comes out, it's one excitement after another.

Mental note: I am a nerd.

Oh, and the fun of multimedia journaling (journaling isn't a word, by the way, as far as I know)! It's an outlet, and can look as awful or beautiful as it likes and it won't matter one whit. I look forward to it, and that's the point. My doctor loves looking at it. Since I know she will, I get a little obnoxious talking about her. Not mean, no no. I adore her. But obnoxious.

In January I'm hoping to take an art class. Not sure if I mentioned that. It's down to either the "found metal" sculpture course or the "let's find our core selves" metaphysical course. The first all but guarantees I'll seriously injure myself and be carried off via ambulance, squirting blood like a fountain. The second is sort of what I'm doing in my journal, only more structured and taught by someone who knows what she's doing. The first would make for a good battle story. If I can hand my camera to the EMT before I faint, just imagine the photos!

Yes, I consider beforehand how blog-worthy endeavors are before I choose them. See above mental note.

And for the weekend? Oh dear God, I need to call Galpal! Galpal, if you're out there, I WILL MAKE CONTACT TODAY! I'm a slug, though without the slime trail. Anyway, the plan is Galpal and hubby will come out and play tomorrow. But, note to Galpal, as of right now MY DOUBLE OVEN IS BROKEN, KAPUT, NOT WORKING!!!  ARRRRRGHHHH! Want to play Yahtzee, instead? Paul's on the job, trying to figure out what's wrong, but the error code is saying it's a keypad problem. The error code reads "FO," which I think is a direct message to me.

Something out there hates me, but we can find something to play even if that nasty thing doesn't work. I WILL TALK TO YOU TODAY!!  

(Like how I write notes to friends here, letting the world see? I thought so.)

On Sunday I'm working, and will be hosting a program on organizing or some such. (I'm not the one giving it, in case you're alarmed the topic isn't coming to me right away. I'm just the emcee/library representative, there to make sure no one gets out of line and no fights break out).

I don't think the weather's going to warm up appreciably anytime soon. It was in the single digits this morning, so I drove my daughter to the bus stop. I like to do random nice things for her, to keep her on her toes.

Oh, and I have two final papers to work on. Disturbing how often that slips my mind. Yes, I would like to graduate, and yes, it is the end of the semester. Silly me. One is about my experience with my practicum, though not so much an account of it as what I learned in library terms. The other, a comparison paper betwixt two articles, and my own take on what I think on the topic. So, no big research papers, but still. They must be done if I want that lovely degree. And I do. Lordy, I do.

Fate willing, there will be no major disasters. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! breath … HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I hope the hospital has wi-fi.

4 thoughts on “T.G.I.F.!

  1. S.S., no more disasters this week, at least. Thanks for the good wishes. Dear daughter continues to mend, and turns 16 tomorrow. SIXTEEN! Unbelievable. I’ll have to make time for a small mental crisis tomorrow.


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