Photos of the Day

So, how much snow do we have thus far? Oh, about this much:


There's supposedly more expected later today, but compared to last night's storm it'll be nothing. They're talking only 1 or 2". Pah! If you live in Chicago that's less than nothing. We laugh at anything below a foot. That's just nuisance snow.

Bad news? Frigid cold and winds of up to 50 miles per hour are forecast, starting later today. Snow already on the ground will blow around, adding to the new fallen snow, making for one big, slippery mess. And I'll have children to pick up from school, work to get to and back from, and a driveway to shovel. Not a particularly happy scenario.


We've just been spoiled by the mild temperatures this season, and weren't ready to be socked with a winter storm yet. But it's a good thing the snow plows were out all night, keeping our roads clear. They weren't bad this morning, just slushy and wet. But even then, traffic moved at a snail's pace.

Just another Chicago winter. I know. But it's no less a misery, no matter how many we weather. Pun intended.

4 thoughts on “Photos of the Day

  1. I’m sure I’m one of the few who love the winter weather of Chicago. Even your pictures in this post thrilled me! The branches are just gorgeous, and I would put that photo up in my living room any day of the week! I hope Winter isn’t too hard on you, though, because I know that to my father it’s anathema.


  2. Bellezza, my husband was in Baltimore the day after the big snow, when it was blowing all over and wicked cold. We have an incredibly steep driveway (anyone want to buy a house?) that’s a nightmare getting up in winter. I like it in summer, since I can look down into the neighbor’s windows, but in winter, ugh …
    I had to have both my boys help shovel, because I’m too much a cry baby to venture down. I would fall flat on my aspirations, and break my tailbone or something. It took about five or six attempts to get up the driveway. Yet another reason winter and I don’t get along!


  3. S.S., thanks for the empathy. If I didn’t have to drive in the snow it would be fine, but with work and transporting children it can be a slippery nightmare. When the temperature drops below freezing, and the roads aren’t clear, it’s like an ice skating rink. Talk about nerve wracking!


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