Whoopsie Doodles

Whoopsie Doodles is a technical term for "I done messed up."

I crocheted what was a lovely combination of a rose colored wool mixed with a sparkly blue. It was all even and nicey nicey. Then I felted it, and got this:


It looks vaguely like a disproportional woman wearing a bikini. Or maybe it's just me, and my incredible sense of ignorance artistry.

The only thing I can think to do with it is this (minus the bits of string hanging off, of course):


This one looks a bit like a hot dog in a sparkly bun.


All that work! I have to turn it into something. Anything. It's just too, too cruel otherwise. And, of course, life is NEVER that.

Will let you know as soon as I figure out the fate of this poor, misshapen monster.

4 thoughts on “Whoopsie Doodles

  1. Julie, I’ll have a houseful of coasters soon, at the rate I’m going!
    Ah, live and learn. I guess. Don’t get too fancy when felting. That must be my lesson.


  2. George, HA! No, can’t blame this one on the lining. It’s 100% learning curve, as I used a non-wool yarn with wool and found out the non-wool doesn’t “felt” so it doesn’t shrink proportionately. A new bit of needlework wisdom to pass along to generations to come.


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