Handcrafted Journals – My First Attempt

I'd love some feedback on this, if you would be so kind. This is number one in what promises to be a long parade of my new line of handcrafted journals.


It's made from wool (the russet color) and standard acrylic yarn (trimming and spine), hand crocheted.


The papers are handmade (not by me, unfortunately!), one deckle-edged with embedded flowers, the other shot through with very thin copper metal:


Total page count ended up, I believe, at 45 pages.

It also has a ribbon bookmark, embellished with a bead.


So, what do you think? Any bit of thought welcome! This is Prototype 1. The next will hopefully go up for sale at Etsy.com after it's completed, with all bugs worked out.

4 thoughts on “Handcrafted Journals – My First Attempt

  1. It’s beautiful! What is it lined with? I’d be proud to be seen on the NY subway with it except it’d be a tad femme for a guy I guess. I think you have figured out a way to make your days last say 48 hours instead of 24 … I can’t imagine how you get so much done.


  2. George, It isn’t actually lined, so you’ve set me to thinking if perhaps I could use a fabric – something with solidity – to line it and include a little pocket for putting little things inside. I bought some needlepoint fabric, which is fairly sturdy, and will try that on another one.
    I completed two more – both smaller, one that would serve well as a baby’s first year sort of journal – and will post photos later. I also crocheted one I “boiled,” to give it a stiffer quality. We’ll see how that one fairs.


  3. Thanks so much, Simon. I’m attached to this one, since it’s my first ever. I’ve stuck it in my purse, where it’s likely to stay!
    The boiled wool journal is, by the way, more masculine looking, possibly due to the colors and lack of embellishment. When I post photos of that I’ll be interested to see the reaction to that.


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