Had a bit too much fun …

… making a decoupage/multimedia photo frame today, working alongside dear daughter who was doing the same. Here's my result (the glue hasn't dried, and that will be clear once it is, so you won't be able to see it):


It got a bit wild, I'll admit. But, again, attempt one at the multimedia thing.

Here's a bit of detail:


The big question? Will Paul let me put it on the wall, with our other photos. The bigger question? Can he STOP me? I'm pretty tough.

2 thoughts on “Had a bit too much fun …

  1. S.S., It didn’t turn out how I’d hoped, exactly, but I’ll keep trying until my poorly collages look a bit better than my kindergarten effort! Looks like something a school child would bring home to her mother, and she’d exclaim, “Oh, how BEAUTIFUL!” Because she must…


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