Easing into the paper arts pool.


Here's my first attempt at decoupage. This started out a plain, pine frame. Now it's covered in blue paper (the sort used for scrap booking, etc.), with cut out leaf-like shapes in various colors/patterns. I also added – and I'm not sure if this will stay without tearing – a sort of flower shape on the left, with a piece of mosaic glass in the middle. It has the rough shape of a heart, but I didn't fashion it that way. It's just how it looked coming out of the package.

Ah, packaged craft materials! God love them.

I like this first attempt well enough, but it's not exactly a beauty piece. It's serviceable, and I'll use it, but it's an experimental work. Some of the sites I read recommended starting with a shoe box, so as not to ruin anything. But I thought that was silly. These frames cost all of $ 2.00 at the craft store. If one gets ruined, so what?

I have a couple more frames to do. I also have some acrylic paint I may water down, to make a wash, and use instead of the paper background. I also thought of using leaves, painting them and impressing the images onto the wood. But not everything must be leaf-themed.

I have rubber stamps, beads, mosaic tile, and enough lovely paper to last me a year. There's no lack of ways to play with more decoupage.

Next big project, that scrumptious crocheted journal … (next post)


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