Chuck Palan… Pa.. That one dude.

Alright, I did get along fine with Chuck Palahniuk (copy/paste) for the first disc or two of Haunted. Around disc three I started to waver, and disc four never made it into the player in my car.

I don't dislike him as a writer. I enjoyed his imagination, his descriptions, his humor.Things just got a bit confused. I had to wrack my brain to figure out who was who, which character had which quirks, that sort of thing. I certainly didn't feel that same urge to get the next CD in the player before the last one had cooled off like I did with The Photograph. No comparison.

I loved Lively's story, and kind of liked Palahniuk's. At times I even really liked it. For those who have no experience with it, it's like a modern retelling of the Canterbury Tales, only very disturbing. And no one goes anywhere. Literally. Each person has a story to tell along the way to nowhere. And I'm not telling anything else. If you want to read it, you go on ahead. Tell me all about it.

I've decided I need something more linear in a CD book. Something I can listen to and still drive relatively safely. An  A + B = C work that goes straight to Z without too much looking backward. Not to say I don't like complex books. I do, just not in the car.

I'm contemplating Water for Elephants as my next in the car listen. I've heard nothing but raves about it. I have a feeling it's a little more linear, and a whole lot less bizarre.

For the record, I still don't hate Chuck Palahniuk. I've just decided we need to see other people. Maybe he is a little too masculine in his writing style, a little too concerned with sex. Dunno. I'm glad I tried him, and appreciative of his skill as a craftsman. Maybe next time I'll have a better experience. Just maybe.

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