Photo of the Day


Fade to Brown

There still is some pretty in my garden, though all the brilliant color's washed out for the season. For instance, this plant. I like the shape of these, the wispy, willowy look of the thin spokes left behind after the flower's fallen and the plant's gone dormant.

I noticed a tiny bit of color left in my front garden. That will be tomorrow's photo, more than likely. And, in another place, still a bit of green, sheltered under glass. Pickings are getting slim, though. We'll see if I can find enough photo material before the snow flies, and everything becomes white. When I get tired of snow photos I'll start posting tempting photos on beaches, though I'm not sure if that's consolation or rubbing it in. Hmm.

One thought on “Photo of the Day

  1. It would only be rubbing it in if you were actually on the beach while the rest of us suffer the snow. Or another example of rubbing it in would be if I mentioned that a mere 150 miles south we hardly ever get much significant snow anymore. Yay global warming!


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