Photo of the Day


Frosted Grass

Images like this are the positive side of the killing frosts wiping the color out of my garden. Seeing the beauty of them helps soften the blow they inflict upon my flowers.

I'm looking for positives in the upcoming winter, alternate methods of looking at the death of the green and return of the brown. Instead of thinking of snow as the awful stuff I have to drive in, it's the blanket covering my garden while it sleeps. The ice? Pointy icicles that refract color.

But the cold? Now that I can't find a positive for… A little help here?

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. Positives for the cold? Maybe warm sweaters, slippers, hot chocolate/coffee, reasons to stay inside and read? I love the cold weather until Christmas, after that I have no patience for it.


  2. On a Sunday morning program over here (UK) we just had a gadget round up which included boots with a heating device in them. I wouldn’t mind a bit of cold just to have a chance to experiment with warm toes.


  3. S.S., you could do some serious trials of those boots over here… Do feel free to drop by! I’ll even brew your choice of hot beverage. How could you resist that? Oh, and bring the family. And another pair of those boots…


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