Don't let me loose on Etsy.com! Oy,the stuff they have there. All homemade, loads of gorgeous jewelry, art prints, picture frames, woolens… The list goes on and on. And the prices? Mostly very reasonable. You can buy very pricey paintings and such, jewelry and what-not, but most of it's within an average budget. It would be a great place to do your holiday shopping for one of a kind gifts. And if you're a crafter yourself, you can buy supplies of all sorts there.

In short, don't walk! Run!

I went there originally to look at art photography, to see what other people have done. Then I listed a few of my own pictures, just for kicks, because it costs only 20 cents to list. Then they get 3.5 % of every sale.

But of course I couldn't leave without looking up about a million other things. Like JRT art…


And, well, I found some.


These are by Todd Young, who paints some of the most adorable pictures, mostly of different dog breeds – and not just JRTs. They came unmatted. I cut the plaid second mattes myself, and used old frames to complete the look. I'm not sure if I like them without exterior frames, but that's easily enough fixed after a trip to the store.

Sorry the photos are crap. They're in a small bathroom, and it's impossible to get far enough away from them to get a good shot. Without including the toilet, that is. And I'd rather not do that.

If you think these prints are as adorable as I do, go visit Todd's site. Again, not all his photos include dogs. Most do, but not all. But they're all gorgeous.

2 thoughts on “JRT Art

  1. I think the photos are just fine. Also, I think you made a great choice too. I don’t have JRTs but I did select an image with a JRT in it for my new website. Will be taking your recommendation and visiting those site. Thanks so much


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