The following tantrum is brought to you by Prozac.

I give up.

I was three decently long paragraphs into my previous post, had a mishap, and wound up deleting THE WHOLE DAMN THING. What's ironic is I was writing about how crappy my day was, how I thought I'd have a nervous breakdown at my practicum site. How I thought I was done, then found I have to do loads more work with 1,300 slides.

Specifically, I have to take each one, compare it to the digitized version, type in a description, date, the professor's own numbering system (which makes NO sense), then hyperlink the physical slide to the digitized slide. All within a tiny amount of space, since their computer's on a desk tucked away in a corner. And, the slides are OUT OF ORDER.

What larks, Pip!

Good news is I'm learning something. Oh, yes, I am. I'm learning ARCHIVING CAN REALLY SUCK!

Then, after a full day spent working at the University, I came back to work at my library. Or, I was supposed to, which meant I'd miss my son's orchestra concert. But hey, guess what? The presenter for this evening double-booked himself, and he was at the OTHER library, about an hour away. Since he can't be in two places at once, the fool, it was my patrons who got sent home, with my profuse apologies. And the dude? He grovelled, but how can you make up for that?

Good news is I made my son's concert after all. Bad news? I have a raging headache from mad fluctuations in my blood pressure. I thought I'd pop a vein at my practicum. The realization of what I still needed to do hit me like a ton of bricks. It was worse because of yesterday's altercation. I still hadn't recovered from that. Then, this, and the canceled program.

Too bad I don't like drinking.

What I think I'll do is go curl up in bed with a book, after getting in my jammies and preparing for bed. I'm exhausted, mentally and physically. Wish I could sleep for a week. Or, maybe a bath first, with some nice bath salts. Then bed, book and I'll be snoring in about ten sweet minutes.


And don't you DARE wake me, if you know what's good for you…

2 thoughts on “The following tantrum is brought to you by Prozac.

  1. Turns out I couldn’t stay awake even to read, which is pretty desperate for me. I’ve noticed when I try to force myself to stay awake to read I dream totally different words. Then I wake up, try to find my place, and can’t find what I was obviously just reading. Because none of the words are the same. Maybe I should try writing in that twilight state. Could be interesting.


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