I guess behind is better than no hind at all.

Reading? Remind me what that is. Does it count I've been opening books and glancing through them? Continuing to check them out of the library, but not reading them 'til they're grievously overdue? Paging through them at the bookstores? Surfing the internet?

Come on people! Throw me a bone, here. I'm tired, I tell you. Tired.

Life's zooming past so quickly in these last few weeks of school. Heck, even without school they're zooming past. That's both good and not good, as both have been transpiring around here. We just don't have uneventful days. It's not done.

The new news non-personal enough to be told: Paul decided it would be all funny and youthful to make a "leaf angel" under a tree at the Yerkes Observatory, and woke up this morning with a tick on his chest. Though he removed it, the site was still so painful the doctor ordered him a couple weeks' worth of antibiotics, just to be sure.


At least he didn't throw his back out standing back up off the ground. There's a miracle.

Time to go make lunches for tomorrow. Drama boy's keeping the sofa warm. He's decided he DEFINITELY HAS LYME DISEASE from the tick, though the doctor assured him he doesn't.

Did I mention he's a dork?

P.S.: He was concerned I'd tell the blog world about his tick, so let's keep this between you and me. You and I. Whatever. Just don't tell.

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