What I’m planning for this blog…

Short version: Bluestalking's going back to books and related matters, as was its original purpose. I'll soon have a blog for my more goofy stuff. I'll post short "teasers" here, then link to the other blog for the full post.

Long Winded Version: As many may have noticed I've driften from the original purpose of Bluestalking – reviewing books, interviewing authors and talking about books, writing and related topics – so I've decided I need to make some changes. I have already starting setting up another blog for the more "chatty," personal, and obnoxiously odd topics. I'm still working on getting it ready. That one will have its own .com and everything! So will my photography blog. I can hardly contain myself.

The reason the diversion happened is pretty simple. When I started graduate school things got intensely busy. Reading was one of the first things to bite the proverbial dust – at least reading for pleasure. I've done plenty of academic reading, but hardly anything of my own choosing. As grad school winds down, I'll have a bit more time for things related to books and bookish topics.

End of exciting announcement.

2 thoughts on “What I’m planning for this blog…

  1. I hope we’ll still see your beautiful photos and hear a bit about your non-book adventures. I don’t know how one person can manage 3 blogs, but good luck!


  2. Lee, I’m actually up to, ummm… Maybe FIVE blogs? Each with a different focus, some professional, some not.
    How can I do it? Because there’s never a time I can’t write. I never go anywhere without a notebook. I wish I could say that’s made me a better writer, but, well, not so much! Oh, but I love it.


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