Spare time? Who needs it?

Since I'm in school, working, engaged or about to start two book groups, a member of two Readers Advisory groups, and all my other piddly responsibilities, I've decided now's a good time to start a project involving *  a new photo blog, in which I've begun posting digitized photos from the beginning of time, starting with those originally taken with a digital camera, then advancing to photos I've transferred to digital format.

Because I'm crazy. Plain crazy.

Oh, and the year we first started taking digital photos, 2006, is the year I started this blog. Coincidence, or insidious plan? YOU MAY NEVER KNOW.

Since that's not enough, I'm also working on an "invited people only" family photo album online, so friends and family can access photos of the five of us throughout the ages.

Ever started a project like this? It seems straightforward. Not easy or quick, but straightforward. Then you discover all the stupid little problems, the just plain time consumers. I have to play with each photo first. Older photos don't have to be perfect (that would take FOREVER), but they do need to look relatively in focus and presentable enough not to embarrass me. Thus, Photo Shop for every, single picture.

Then there's the issue of photos posted by date. If you want to put photos in order, you have to pay attention to what order is. In other words, they must be posted by date AND time, because that's how blogs and these online photo album sites operate, apparently.

WHAT A COLOSSAL PAIN! Worth it in the end, yes, but a PAIN.

My blog will contain photos of my children as wee ones, but stop when they become recognizable as themselves today. I figure I can resume posting their photos once they've left the house and are safely GONE. I'm also putting up photos of vacation sites, plus all the sorts of pictures you've come to expect from me. The usual.

I don't know what that will mean for Bluestalking, in the short term. I guess I'll continue posting photos now, while I'm so durn busy. And heck, let's be honest. This project will take for-freaking-ever to finish. Years, probably, since I keep taking the blessed things all the time.

There will be more changes happening blog-wise once I graduate, so we'll see how things shake out then. In the meantime, WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?!

Mental note: consider paging doctor.

Second mental note: if you'd like to keep her, suppress urge.

* = Anyone have a better idea for my tag line on the photo blog? I'm not that fond of it (Capturing Life Photo by Photo).

I need something I like as much as I'm using here, "Editor at Large of Her Own Life." I'll probably sit up in bed at 3:00 in the morning, shouting out the perfect title. Then, once Paul's had the life scared out of him, I'll promptly go back to sleep, forgetting what I said.

But any ideas appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Spare time? Who needs it?

  1. I went with the incredibly inventive “A Photo Blog,” figuring that would help Google find it. Of course, it’ll be about 100 M down on the list. So, still thinking…


  2. It’s tough, isn’t it?! Man, sometimes I draw a complete blank, and this was one of those times. But I ended up with something Google will get a lot of hits on. Maybe.


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