Get thee to a nunnery


Gazebo Ceiling, Christ in the Wilderness

I wrote an article for the upcoming newsletter sent out by  Christ in the Wilderness, my favorite place on earth to go on retreat. While digging up some photos to give them, to go along with the article, I found a lot of pictures I forgot I about. I haven't even Photo Shopped them yet! Like the one above, for instance. It looked lovely in the natural wood, but I really liked it in b/w.

I've been to CITW a couple of times, and hope to get back there again this year. Preferably before the snow flies. Two years ago I brought the snow there with me. Literally. I was racing to stay ahead of it, to avoid driving slippery roads, and just as I got there it began to sleet. Phew. That was close.

Here's hoping my upcoming visit will be a much milder one. And that we get NO SNOW THIS WINTER.

Fruitless. I know.

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