Photo of the Day

Water Trough – English Garden

Paul's uncle's masonry company built the brick and stonework in the English Garden area of the Chicago Botanic Garden. Not necessarily because of that, it's my favorite of all the gardens.

The brick work is gorgeous, of course. But so are the flowers, benches, and other detail work – including lots of great textures, which I love to photograph for their Photo Shop "filter" potential. Like the brick work above, the way it's angled. It's so much more interesting than your standard flat brick. In other words, these interesting textures are fun to play with.

I also love the gates leading in and out, and the "secret garden" feel.


Gate – English Garden, Chicago Botanic Garden

The garden was largely deserted while I was in there. It was peaceful and quiet, two things I really needed yesterday. I only wish I'd have had more time. It's so far away, and with traffic and construction it takes forever to get there. I had no time to sit and write in my journal; I spent all my time taking pictures, glorying in changing lenses without anyone yelling I'm taking too much time.

I also used the tripod… Try getting family to endure that sometime.

The chance to do what I wanted to do, without anyone complaining of boredom… Bliss.

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