Photo of the Day


Peep Hole – Japanese Garden Through Pagoda Statue

Taking my last personal hours to visit the Botanic Garden turned out to be a good move. I couldn't have chosen a better day. The temperature was glorious – in the 60s and sunny. Sunny! That yellow orb in the sky looked just like I remembered. We haven't seen much of it lately, but I have enough stored memories I was able to recognize it as the giant ball of gas occasionally seen in the field of light-mediumish blue.

Not to be confused with the giant ball of gas occasionally heard in our house.

It was so warm, at times my jacket felt too heavy- a nice change from what's become the norm lately. It's supposed to be nice all week, though clouds and rain are predicted for later in the week. I think I chose the best day, for a change.

Does this bit of good Karma mean I can expect a backlash from the Universe at some unknown, future date? Leave it to me to find the dark lining in every silver cloud.

And Taffy? The vet called me this afternoon, just before I left the gardens. She came through surgery just fine. The best part was there was no need for any extractions! Ah, what a relief. All the damage was on the exterior, it turns out. Now her teeth are radiantly white. She'll be sore for a few days, but it's so much better than have incisions to heal.

I took something on the order of 206 photos today. Some of them are garbage, and lots need to be "adjusted" using Photo Shop. But as for fall color, most of the trees at the garden are evergreens. There was some color, but turns out it wasn't the best place to go for that. Still, I can't complain too much. If pressed I could find something – trust me I could – but overall a strangely good day.

Kind of makes me feel paranoid.

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