Photo of the Day


Octopus Tree

I guess I'm a tree person. Some people love mountains, others waterfalls, and many fall into the category of wildlife lovers. Like frat boys, for instance.

But I love trees. Especially those of the redwood variety, but also gnarled oaks, aspens and whatever you'd term this tree – above.

It's located at Cape Meares Lighthouse & Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, just a short walk off the parking lot. I had the family trek to see it on a whim, having no idea what an octopus tree actually was. Was it half tree/half octopus? Was it like the Whomping Willow in Harry Potter? It was a mystery, soon enough solved by a short walk.

I had to know.

And now I do. So do you, and you're very welcome. Follow the link to Cape Meares and you'll learn even more. At no additional charge!

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