Photos of the Day – Autumn Edition


Autumn Showers

It's been misty/rainy here for the past few days. A little sun over the weekend would be great, to dry out a little, allow my hair to de-frizz, and give us the chance to get out and take photos of what may be our peak color weekend. What probably will be, at the rate things are going.

We already have a few bald trees. That is so wrong. It's only early October! We usually make it through most of the month before the trees get naked for the season. Worse, we're expecting unseasonably cold weather this weekend, with frost forecast Saturday night and possible – this makes me feel ill – snow flurries late Sunday.


Autumn – Impression

Snow flurries in October?

If we don't get some sun early Saturday or Sunday I will be a very, very crabby girl. As opposed to my usual very crabby girl. And I'm the one with vampire tendencies. If I'm complaining you know it's bad.

I am so not ready for the word snow in our weather forecast. So not ready. If
winter's planning to kick off this early I'm moving to Florida. And I
don't even like Florida. It frizzes my hair. But that's why they make
wigs. Send me somewhere there's warmth – but not excessive heat – or heads just may roll.

I feel a bad mood coming on, and what happens when I'm in a bad mood?



Autumn Showers – 2

I rant…

I thought winter would kill me last year; it felt eternal. It held on with an iron grip and would not let go. Every time I thought a snowfall had to be the last, along would come yet another one. Then spring, and so much rain I considered building a raft, floating downriver to anywhere else.

Summer was blissfully cool. Will this mean another long, cold winter, too? Summer was also a little dry, but I doubt that will have anything to do with how much snow we get. Most of our summers are dry, and the past couple winters have been awful for snowfall. Not so much for brutally cold temperatures, but when I think about last winter I think of shoveling snow.

Or, watching the menfolk shovel snow. But it exhausted me watching, I assure you.

I don't even want to think about it yet. I'll concentrate on getting outside between showers this weekend, taking shots of all the fall color I can find. One scary forecast doesn't necessarily mean anything…

Right? Right?!

Deep breath. One forecast at a time… One forecast at a time…

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