Northern Illinois University’s Founders Library – Book Collection


Pulp Fiction – 1

NIU has, among many other gems, a great collection of pulp fiction. This is one of my personal favorites. Love those sensationalistic teasers.

And not only is she giving the guy a smoldering look that says "You can hop into my convertible anytime, big boy…," the whore is even SMOKING! These days that's  more shocking than the bit about the dead husband. Who smokes anymore?

I'll post some more of my favorite books from their collection in upcoming weeks. There are some great ones, in all genres.

That would be another teaser.

And P.S.: What is that guy wearing? Is that a swimsuit? What a show off! Oh, and don't miss the dude in the background, lifting weights with one arm. Swoon!

2 thoughts on “Northern Illinois University’s Founders Library – Book Collection

  1. What a great book. What I would love to read are some of those Penny Dreadfuls from Victorian times. Sadly, because they were so trashy (even the paper being cheap) very few of them survived.


  2. Love it… almost as much as that picture of your wedding gown a couple of posts back. Oh baby! Still though, you managed to pull off the 80’s design better than most. Good for you!


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