For the Ladies

Twenty years may also net you the following:

# 1: 


We had to go somewhere all the kids could agree on, since we took them along (Paul's idea). We wound up at Olive Garden, waited on by a woman so surly she shouldn't have been tipped. The food was as usual, but the service? Blech.

#  2:

Autumnal Bouquet:


# 3:

Oh, and Platinum:


If you haven't hit # 20 yet, save this post 'til you do. Then offer it up as an example of the standard observation of this auspicious occasion. If everyone else is doing it, shouldn't you?

Remember to stress how important the lucky dude is to have you, and how you haven't strangled each other yet or anything. Well, presuming that's so. In any other case,  you're on your own.

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