Hot Stuff, on Oh So Many Levels

By the way, last week was Banned Books Week. When I was going to post all sorts of useful stuff about how people who ban books are stupid idiots, how every human being on the planet has the right to read what he or she chooses, all the rest be damned. That kind of stuff.

But I didn't.

All that great anger lost. The inhumanity!

Speaking of inhumanity, idiots, being damned and how  much I love swearing (okay, this is the first mention of that, dammit), I followed a link back from a Google hit, and turns out there's some dude measuring how HOT certain blogs are. And I'M TOTALLY HOT! I'm a raging fire. An inferno!

Okay. I'm his #40 out of 182.

Check it out if you dare…

And if you do, explain to me what the living hell he's talking about. He has all sorts of charts and graphs and measurements of word usage making one blog hotter than another because they use certain verbage. Verbage I'll have to start peppering through my blog more liberally, because I'm SO much more than # 40.

So, so much more.


(Just lost 10 points).

Anyhoo, exciting stuff at the library (no, that's NOT an oxymoron, douche). We're going to, for the first time EVER, participate in "Pimp My Bookcart."

(Just added gazillion points for usage of "pimp.")

Here's an example of what we're up against:

Amateurs! Piffle. 

(Just lost gazillion points for usage of word "piffle.")

How HOT is this? Are you not fainting from the excitement of it all? Gosh diddly, people! I'M ON THE COMMITTEE!! You can say you knew me "back then," before I was a famous pimp.

All we have to do is come up with a theme and Pimp It Up to the highest extent we can, while keeping the cart usable in its traditional function. Other than that, there are no rules.


This is one of the most exciting events in the library world. It's right up there with the Library Drill Cart Team:

Not that the library world isn't sexy enough, 'cause oh, it is.

And I should know.

Love, Number Forty

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