SEE: Post, Downer

I've come to the sudden realization I'm tired of everything. Every, every, everything.

I was reading articles today about the internet, and the great influx of information, and how we can't even process it all now, so there's no hope we ever can in the future. And articles on how Google does digitization better than libraries ever will. Mostly because Google has MONEY.

And one school library even dumped all their books, going all digital all the time.

I cared about none of it. None. Of. It. Whatever, says I, without the energy to even shrug.

I have Google Alerts set up to deliver articles with subjects like "librarian," "illuminated manuscripts" and "information overload" (which is what brought me the lovely articles I wrote of earlier). As I hit DELETE, DELETE, DELETE I realized I couldn't care less.

A passing phase or a dark dip?


All I do know is right now I care about none of it. It's freeing in one way, and … Well, no, not worrisome. Maybe it would be if I cared.

Glad you dropped by to visit? Ah, well. Maybe I'll care tomorrow, or have  the energy to serve you a drink instead of pointing vaguely in the direction of the bar.

3 thoughts on “SEE: Post, Downer

  1. Ouch. I know how you feel but I’m rarely (if ever) brave enough to tell folk. Hopefully it’s just a temporary feeling of the Blues Talking as opposed to a permanent feeling of the Blue Stalking…
    Treat yourself to a dose of whatever helps – chocolate, alcohol, whatever. Like they say of whisky it doesn’t cure but it makes the sufferring more bearable.
    (And Liz is right – the photo is great.)


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