All Quiet on the Midwestern Front, the Update

Don't let the resounding silence fool you; things are busy as usual Chez Bluestalking:

Reading/Writing: Masha Hamilton's 31 Hours for review in Feminist Review.


Also, writing reflection/essay on solitude/spirituality pro bono for my favorite place to go on retreat, Christ in the Wilderness.

Still at work on too many books to list.

School: Working mightily hard to get a grip on library cataloging. Mightily hard. Awaiting grade on first assignment. Postponing full-blown panic attack 'til results are in.

Wait, I'll run check again… Please hold.

Nope, still nothing.

Practicum: Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow!

I'm up to organizing hundreds and hundreds of slides. Luckily, they're all well-marked. This professor was one organized person. I could have used a few pointers from her.

Oh, and partly because of her I ordered three books on organizing one's life from Amazon. They'll probably get lost in the shuffle, as have all my other books on organizing.

Work Work: For my writers' group, working on editing pieces for our chapbook. It's fun work, but time-consuming.

And regular work? Scheduling November/December/January adult programming.

Household: Water leak number 52 in progress. Stay tuned.

Children: Driving me mad.

Husband: Incredibly busy at work. Unsure, but think he still lives here.

Recreation: Went to one of those "town hall meetings" everyone in the world must have heard about by now. Took photos. Have had no time to post.

Etc: Continuing to drive therapist mad, mad, mad!

Hoping to resume normal transmission soon.

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