GIVEAWAY Winner – Cults, Conspiracies & Secret Societies


Wow, this took forever… But the results are IN!

Our big winner is….


Your name was drawn from amongst a score of others. Okay, six or seven, maybe. Not bad odds, but regardless, the book is ALL YOURS.

Dewd, send me your mailing address at: lisaguidarini AT yahoo DOT com

Your lucky day, dewd!!

One thought on “GIVEAWAY Winner – Cults, Conspiracies & Secret Societies

  1. Hey Lisa, two things:
    – I’m late for the drawing but my husband would love this book. I’m going to send him the title so he can get his own copy. Thanks!
    – I just saw your email address and realized that I recognized it from your posts to the publib listserve (I never knew your last name before). Anyway, just thought that was neat!


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