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All Things …Are on Fire

– Buddha

I'm always happy to see summer out the door, but this small space of time between summer and fall always depresses me. I know, so what's so unusual about that? Not that much, but what I don't like is the hazy heat that continues despite the shortening days. I want the weather to pick one thing, warmth or coolness, and stick with that 'til it's ready to change over properly.

Picky much?

If I look outside and see fall color, I expect the air to be crisp and clear. My mood takes a dive if I find it's warm and muggy, and I really detest what we call here in the States "Indian Summer," the return of summer-like weather after a stretch of cold. Once autumn has arrived I'd like to be able to depend on it. I love that season best of all, and when summer keeps batting her eyes and showing her tan lines I just want to haul off and hit her. It's autumn's turn; back off! This season's short as it is. I'm jealous of every minute of it.

Get the feeling I'm a little opinionated? Yes, but just on some things. And this is one of those things. Weather, religion, good writing, justice, intellectual freedom and people with fast metabolisms (I'm against them). I'd like to stake my claim, reserving the right to add more topics as I see fit.

See? I'm actually pretty easy-going. Just back away from my season and no one gets hurt.

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