The Sunday Salon: Article Edition


Not much chance I'll get to read any actual books today, unless they're grad school related. Between a few hours of work (which should be illegal on a Sunday), extreme exhaustion (getting to bed before midnight is a goal still not accomplished) and bits of this and that, I can't see it happening.

I fall asleep sitting up these days, and I know this will take a toll on my overall health eventually. Still, I keep staying up way too late, night after night. No good reason for it, either. I get caught up in the information technology readily available on the internet, and lose all track of time. Either that, or I fall asleep on the sofa in front of the TV, waking up with my contacts glued to my eyes.

Which brings me to all I have had the patience or time to read: articles on the information glut in today's world, and what impact this may have on things like attention span, how our brains are wired, that sort of thing. I'm fascinated by this, as well as how we'll all sort through the volume of information that's out there, how we'll store it for the future, etc.

And yes, this is ironic. But true.

So, that's where I'm at this fine Sunday. Trying to stay awake long enough to read short articles, because I know it's a lost cause reading anything longer, no matter how much I'd like to.

Amongst my new books this week (bad girl!) is A.J. Jacobs' latest The Guinea Pig Diaries: My Life As an Experiment. This is the same guy who lived the biblical life in his last book, The Year of Living Biblically – which is hilarious, by the way. You should read it.

He's such a nice dude. After I interviewed him for Biblically he and I kept up a correspondence for a while. Then, as in so many cases, we lost touch. Nice guy, though. And did I mention he's hilarious? Think a straight David Sedaris and you'll have A.J. Jacobs.

Guess that's it for today. I need to bolt, after I super glue my upper eye lids to my eyebrows, which may or may not keep me awake. Not the most aesthetically appealing look, but the best I can do short of a caffeine i.v. Strangely, no doctor has agreed to set me up with one. Arrogant bastards.

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